5 Reasons Why Alt is the Best Platform for Sports Cards


March 17, 2021

Last week, we launched to the public and shared our mission to increase the transparency and liquidity of alternative assets. We’re turning sports cards — and eventually watches, sneakers, and art — into investable assets, so you can invest in alternative assets as easily as you invest in stocks. 

Despite the recent boom in the sports card industry, core infrastructure has been lacking in the space. It’s difficult to understand the current value of your cards, liquidity is scarce, and current sites are ripe with counterfeit cards and unnecessarily high fees for sellers (up to 25% elsewhere). Until now. 

Alt is the first exchange dedicated to buying and selling sports cards. Here are five reasons longtime hobbyists, collectors, and investors - as well as people new to the space - are using Alt:

1. Easily track your portfolio and know your collection’s value

With Alt, you can easily track the value of individual cards and your entire portfolio in real-time. Using historical data on individual cards, comparables, and the overall market, we’ve created a proprietary model that provides the most accurate valuation for your cards - your Alt Value. This will give you far more transparency into what your cards are worth.

2. Lowest fees in the industry for sellers

Buying on Alt is free and we charge sellers the lowest transaction fee among other exchanges: 1.5% of the total sale price, inclusive of credit card processing fees. Fees can be as high as 25% on other marketplaces. 

3. Secure your collection in the Vault

The Vault provides peace of mind if you’re looking for a safe storage option, and serves as the full-service solution to transact on Alt. Upon entering the Vault, your cards are verified for authenticity and digitized with high-resolution cameras before also being uploaded to your portfolio. After your cards are added to your account you can easily create a sale listing. Your cards are always fully insured up to their market value. 

Your first three months of Vault are free and we charge a small fee (0.39% annually, charged monthly) based on the Alt Value of your assets. 

4. Seamless transactions to eliminate fraud

Because all items on Alt are verified and stored in the Vault, the transaction process is far more efficient than anywhere else. Counterparty risk is largely eliminated since the cards are authenticated prior to listing, sellers receive payout immediately, and new buyers instantly receive ownership of their cards within the Vault, which is represented in their portfolio immediately.

5. Share — or don’t share — your collection

When you send cards to the Vault, we photograph and digitize your cards with high-resolution cameras and upload them to your gallery. Alt offers the option to make your entire collection - or only certain cards - public. 

We look forward to hearing how you’re using Alt and how we can make the platform even more valuable for you!