Celebrating Female Leaders at Alt


February 7, 2022

At Alt, we’re beyond proud to have an accomplished team of female leaders leading our company. Our team comes from a wide array of backgrounds and organizations, each bringing their unique experiences to Alt as we build towards the future. 

Interested in joining us? Check out our available jobs. And if you’d like more convincing, find out what drew these leaders to Alt. 

Nicole Colombo, President

Throughout my career, I’ve prioritized working for companies that value diversity. I was lucky to have accomplished female mentors who supported, encouraged and helped guide me with difficult career decisions, particularly choices that impacted my work-life balance. Being able to seek guidance from professionals with similar career paths, working moms who value both profession and family, was instrumental in helping me advance my career. Their advice helped me put my own experiences into context.

We all have a story to tell. Both leaders and companies. When I first started my journey with Alt, I was impressed by the representation and diversity. This was one of the major factors that drove me to join Alt. I wanted to be part of and help tell Alt’s story. At Alt, we build diversity and inclusion into our business practices. I’m honored to work at a startup that has diversity represented in all levels of the organization, including the leadership team.

Alt’s mission to work towards creating new investment opportunities that are accessible to everyone is founded in the belief that any individual should be able to partake in investment opportunities that previously had been limited to specific types of investors. Widening the availability of alternative assets not only creates a world where people can invest in something they are passionate about, it also creates opportunities for inclusion and diversification within the investor base. I’m thrilled to be at such a forward-thinking company and excited about the future of alternative assets.

Adriana Guerrero, Head of Marketing 

Like many others during COVID, I pulled out my basketball card collection from middle school and committed to re-learning the hobby as well as other alternative investments like sneakers and furniture. One day while listening to the "Lukas, Tigers and Brons" podcast, Alt CEO Leore Avidar was the episode guest. During the episode, he discussed Alt’s vision, and his ideas for innovation in the alternative asset space. I was hooked. The idea of moving from the world of marketing traditional packaged goods at Nike to creating the future of how people invest in alternative assets brought me so much joy and energy. Joining Alt was a no brainer for me.

Lauren Brand, Head of Customer 

Ever since college, I knew I wanted to work at a startup, but it took me more than 10 years of working in consulting and big tech to find the right opportunity, which was here at Alt. Here are the three reasons I knew this was the right time and the right company: 

1) The industry-disrupting vision: For me to make the leap to a startup I needed to find a company that I thought could change the  industry. The more I learned about Alt, the more I saw the need for tools and infrastructure to make it easy to invest in alternative assets. I wanted to be a part of that.

2) The role: I built my career helping clients define, design, implement, measure, and improve their Customer Experience and Go-To-Market strategies. Coming to Alt to build the Customer team gave me a chance to build what I've done for clients for years, which is energizing and rewarding.

3) The team: The more people I met at Alt, the more impressed I was and I knew that this was the team that I wanted to be a part of. I admired the big goals, diversity of thought, grit, and energy that everyone uniquely brought to the table. As the team has rapidly grown, it's been amazing to watch the culture evolve and I'm proud to work alongside this amazing group each day.

Looking back, my career and experience prepared me for my opportunity with Alt, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this amazing journey.

Allie Held, Head of Operations 

There are a few reasons why I joined Alt. I was excited to use my background in financial services and private investments to help create a new asset class and change the investing landscape. I also had the privilege of joining as the first employee, which is a rare and incredible opportunity to build a company from day one. It's been rewarding to watch Alt grow so quickly over the last 18 months. I've loved the different challenges and learning opportunities that being a leader here has afforded me.