Employee Gems: Gabriel

September 6, 2022

At ALT, our mission is to transform investing by unlocking the value of alternative assets. Part of the fun of working here is that our employees are passionate collectors themselves, and over the next month we are having some of them share their prized possessions with the world. Next up is Product Manager, Gabriel Kho to talk about his jersey collection.

How long have you been at ALT? What is your role?

I’ve been at ALT for a little over 1.5 years. I am the Product Manager for our crypto and lending products. I also recently have become an Engineering Manager for that team.

What do you like to collect and why?

I love to collect jerseys. I love how the different jerseys incorporate the culture of the city and tell a story about the team. As a bonus, I get to wear them at the gym.

When did you start your collection?

I started collecting when I moved to the US for college. Growing up in Asia, I used to buy bootleg stuff. As a college student, it was important to maximize space, so clothes that I could go to the gym and party in were really valued.

What does your collection look like today?

I have an array of jerseys, the majority of which are from cities I’ve visited. It’s predominantly soccer jerseys.

What’s your strategy for obtaining the assets you want?

It’s really simple, I just visit the city the team is based in. That’s the most efficient way to get it.

What is your most valuable asset?

My favorite one is the Consodale Sapporo shirt. I love the design of it and Sapporo is one of my favorite cities. I also got it when I was on a bachelor trip in Japan and forced my friends to explore the city with me to find it. They were not happy about it, and forced me to buy it the moment we found it.

Is there any specific item you’d love to get your hands on?

I’d really love to get my hands on a Lakers Black Mamba jersey. They released these jerseys after Kobe passed away and the design is a homage to him.

What do you see as being the future of collecting for your item?

Unfortunately, I don’t collect investment grade jerseys because I like wearing them. However, for autographed and framed jerseys, I think ALT would be a great place to handle storage. It’s been a pain to go around the world to hunt them down.