June 30, 2022

Welcome to the future of earning. 

We are excited to introduce the new ALT. 

Where the bank stops, ALT begins. 

ALT envisions a world where anything can be an investment opportunity, starting with trading cards. As we continue to transform investing by unlocking the value of alternative assets, we’ve created a new brand and product experience that matches our excitement for the future.

ALT was launched in 2020 with the goal of increasing the liquidity and transparency of alternative assets. Over the past two years, we’ve built solutions like Portfolio, which helps our community track the performance of their assets in real-time, Instant Pricer and ALT Value, which provide transparent market data, and ALT Exchange, an intuitive and trustworthy way to buy and sell alternative assets. As we continue on our mission to transform investing, our brand will not only reflect the products and services we provide, but also our vision for the future of alternative investing.

Alternative assets have seen a massive surge in momentum over the past decade, increasing in value and demand. These assets carry more than financial value, offering a deeper connection to our culture and our lives. Remember the guy who was picked 199th in the 2000 NFL Draft and grew up to be the most decorated football player of all time? Many fans have followed Tom Brady over the years, but collectors of his cards have shared in his success with every record he breaks, and Championship trophy he collects. And that’s just one example in a hobby full of them. 

We’re turning banking on its head to transform how the world invests. 

ALT has created the foundation for what the future of investing looks like, and now we’re ready to build the next phase with you. 

Over the next few weeks, we are excited to share many of the new features and products we’ve been creating to enhance your investment potential.

We’ll continue to build for the modern investor. 

The future of earning is here. Welcome to ALT.