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November 23, 2022

Get the details on this week’s Liquid Auctions! Read on for market trends, insights and a sneak peek at some of the investment-grade gems available.

Auctions Info
NEW! Ten-Day Auction
Start date: Monday, 11/28, 6pm PT / 9pm ET
Close date: Thursday, 12/8, 6pm PT / 9pm ET

Only two auctions left in 2022!

With the holidays upon us, Liquid Auctions will look a little bit different. Instead of the usual seven day auctions, both of our remaining auctions will last for 10 days. The first of the two starts Monday, 11/28, and below our market trends are some of the assets you’ll be able to bid on.

Market Trends:

Justin Fields

A month and a half ago, it sure seemed like Fields would be sticking on the list of guys with their arrow pointing down, but a lot has changed since then. Fields has been absolutely electric on the field, rushing for countless yards, and helping drive numerous Fantasy teams to victory. While his statistical success hasn’t translated to wins for the Bears, his team’s failures have little to do with their QB play. And though his market trend is so high due to a course correction from how low it was, we’re witnessing the talent that could keep things rosy for his investors for some time.

Tyreek Hill

While young QBs get all the hobby hype, veteran skill players deserve some love too, and Tyreek Hill is seeing a nice boost in value these days. While many jumped off his bandwagon this summer, expecting his numbers to drop without Patrick Mahomes in his corner, Hill has been better than ever. In fact, the all-time single-season receiving yards record is in his grasp. Sometimes collecting a known quantity is better than an unknown rookie, and Hill is paying off for those who stuck with him.

Evan Mobley

While the real hoops heads remain in awe of Mobley’s game, which brings to mind KG and Duncan among others, the hobby has cooled on him. This was bound to happen playing for a loaded Cavs team, where his numbers have stagnated a bit from year one to year two. While trigger happy investors unload their Mobley stock for players with bigger numbers, patience should pay off here. A 21-year-old generational talent on a loaded team is nothing to scoff at.

Expert Selection

You don't want to miss these gems

Bid on Deshaun Watson

2017 National Treasures #169 Deshaun Watson Rookie Patch Autograph Platinum 1/1 PSA 3  |  ALT Value: $251,386

Looking for the best Deshaun Watson card in existence? You’ve found it. His 1/1 NFL Shield RPA Platinum is available exclusively in ALT Liquid Auctions. With eye-popping stats through his first four seasons, few QBs are poised to make their mark more than Watson, who’ll no doubt surge in value should he bring the Browns to their first Super Bowl in Franchise history.

Bid on Giannis Antetokounmpo

2013 National Treasures #130 Giannis Antetokounmpo Rookie Patch Autograph 59/99 BGS 9  |  ALT Value: $110,111

There isn’t much to say about this card that you can’t get from looking at it, so we’ll just take this time to remind everyone that Giannis has two MVP awards, one NBA Championship and is still only 27, the age when athletes traditionally reach their peak. While his awards chest will surely grow, so will the potential of owning one of his few RPAs on the market.

Bid on Kobe Bryant

2008 Topps Chrome #24 Kobe Bryant Gold Refractor 33/50 PSA 10  |  ALT Value: $90,421

There are only seven of these PSA 10 Kobe Gold Refractors in circulation, making this a must own for any Mamba enthusiast. Featuring Kobe going against future Laker LeBron, this color match stunner is one of the most iconic basketball cards of the century. Kobe never missed a chance to shoot his shot, and when it comes to this card, neither should you.

Featured Assets to look out for

Bid on Jaylen Brown

2016 National Treasures #104 Jaylen Brown Rookie Patch Autograph Logoman 1/1 PSA 6  |  ALT Value: $63,591

It’s hard to believe that Jaylen Brown has been in the league for seven years, but not hard to believe that the Celtics star keeps getting better and better. Currently setting career highs in PPG, rebounds, FG% and FT%, Brown is the perfect 1b to Jayson Tatum in Boston. Here, we have  his best card in the world, his National Treasures Logoman RPA, in which Brown is pictured in an eye-catching flipped image of the logo itself. Don’t miss your rare chance to add this to your portfolio.

Bid on Willie Mays

1951 Bowman #305 Willie Mays PSA 6 | ALT Value: $22,686

This card may be over 70 years old, but it’s never been more popular, setting multiple sales records over the last few years. A true Willie Mays rookie that made its debut a year before his classic 1952 Topps, this 1951 Bowman is available in here a PSA 6, a rare condition for a card this old, with just over 200 of them graded higher (and none receiving a 10). Don’t miss your chance to say hey to the debut card from who many consider to be the best ballplayer who ever lived.

Bid on Kylian Mpappe

2018 Panini Prizm World Cup #80 Kylian Mbappe Camo Prizm 3/20 PSA 10  |  ALT Value: $16,639

As one of soccer’s most recognizable young stars, and a favorite to win Golden Boot this winter, Mbappe has the world’s eyes on him. Can he score his way to a repeat for France? It’s surely possible, and if so, his rare assets should skyrocket, such as this low numbered Camo Prizm from the last Cup. One of only three PSA 10s in circulation, this card has major potential.

All-Star Assets to look out for

Bid on Naomi Osaka

2020 Topps Transcendent #TCANO Naomi Osaka Tennis Hall of Fame Collection Framed Autograph 25/25 PSA 10  |  ALT Value: $6,543

As we’ve seen with Serena Williams and Roger Federer of late, the scarcity of tennis assets makes them quite the draw. Here we have a 25/25 autograph from one of the most popular young players in the game. One of only two PSA 10s in circulation, this Naomi Osaka Topps Transcendent auto is quite the investment piece for anyone banking on the high-end of Osaka’s potential as not just a player, but a cultural icon.

Bid on Spider Man

2022 Metal Universe Spider-Man #15 Spider-Man Platinum Portrait PSA 10   |   ALT Value: $6,492

The Metal Universe is as popular in the hobby as the Marvel Universe is at the box office, and the 2022 edition is no different. This Platinum Portrait of Spidey is one of the few cards already graded by PSA, and it’s been honored with a PSA 10. With great portfolios comes a great responsibility to add the best cards you can, and this one is as amazing as the featured character.

Bid on Matthew Stafford

2009 Playoff Contenders #101 Matthew Stafford Championship Ticket Autograph 1/1 PSA 7  |  ALT Value: $5,938

The Rams might be struggling, but Matthew Stafford is still the reigning Super Bowl champion, and rings never go out of style. Here we have his 2009 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket auto 1/1, which is one of the most impressive rookie cards to own from a QB who just needs a few more solid seasons to make it into the Hall of Fame.

Starter Assets to look out for

Bid on Robert Lewandowski

2021 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League #CARL Robert Lewandowski Autograph Superfractor 1/1 PSA 10  |  ALT Value: $5,401

If you’re into soccer and Superfractors, you can’t go wrong with this 2021 Robert Lewandowski 1/1 auto. A perfect PSA 10 with a 10 grade auto, it’s a killer asset to add while this Polish star performs on the World’s stage.

Bid on Pikachu

1999 Pokémon Base Set #58 Pikachu 1st Edition Red Cheeks PSA 10  |  ALT Value: $3,518

This original base set Pikachu remains a true classic amongst Pokémon collectors, and with less than 250 PSA 10s in circulation, this one here is the ultimate collectible. Don’t miss your chance to own a gem mint piece of pop culture history

Bid on Albert Pujols

2016 Topps Dynasty #APAPU1 Albert Pujols Autograph Patch 1/1 BGS 9.5  |  ALT Value: $1,732

The Machine may have retired at the end of the season, but as one of the best hitters of the 21st century, his cards will live on in the hands of collectors for years to come. The no doubt Hall of Famer is pictured here with a solid blue auto and bright red patch that matches the Cardinals cap on his head. A true “Dynasty” piece from a legendary hitter.

Liquid Auctions Preview

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