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August 2, 2022

Get the details on this week’s Liquid Auctions! Read on for market trends, insights and a sneak peek at some of the investment-grade gems available.

Auctions Info

Start date: Thursday, 8/4, 6pm PT / 9pm ET
Close date: Thursday, 8/11, 6pm PT / 9pm ET

Reminder: Bidding Without Depositing

We opened things up to allow you to bid on items with an ALT Value of $150,000 or less without making a deposit into your account. Simply link your bank account to your ALT Account to start bidding.

Market Trends

Trevor Lawrence

After spiking when his cards first became available, Lawrence’s value has seen a steady decline over the last few months. Which isn’t much of a surprise considering the massive rookie class he’s a part of, and the fact that playing in one of the NFL’s smallest markets keeps his profile a bit low. The good news is that if you’re investing in last year’s #1 pick, there seems to be some value there.

Zach Wilson

One of the biggest names discussed at The National, Wilson’s value has remained steady all year long. With the NFL season a month away, and the New York hype machine ready to make or break players at a moment’s notice, don’t expect this flat line to last deep into the fall.

Expert Selection

You don't want to miss this gem

See all Trevor Lawrence Fixed Price listings

2021 Panini Prizm #331 Trevor Lawrence Black Finite  |  Alt Value: $133,345

Much like Trevor Lawrence himself, this 1-of-1 Black Finite Prizm is a true rarity with potential for greatness. One of the most coveted parallels in existence of a #1 pick doesn’t become available every day, making this black and teal stunner quite the addition to any portfolio.

Big 3 Gems

See all LeBron James Fixed Price listings

2017 Panini Prizm LeBron James Gold Prizm  |  Alt Value: $61,331

Any LeBron gold is going to fetch a pretty penny. But a pop 1 PSA 10 with LeBron featured in Cleveland's orange throwback jerseys, will definitely command a premium as there will be a number of LeBron collectors eyeing this for their PC.

See all Kobe Bryant Fixed Price listings

2015 Panini Prizm Kobe Bryant Gold Prizm  |  Alt Value: $50,379

The 2015 Prizm set stands out as one of the most popular sets due to it’s clean design and full action shots. Kobe’s high end market has taken a step back, but with only a pop of 3, adding one of the best Prizm Golds of one of the best players of all time could be a great decision later down the line.

See all Juan Soto Fixed Price listings

2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto Gold Refractor  |  Alt Value: $45,707

With the MLB trade deadline lurking, major trade speculations are circulating surrounding Juan Soto. With a possible move to a big market team, Soto’s cards could see a massive movement as well — especially his rarest Chrome Parallels, like this Gold.

Featured Gems

Our curated selection of assets in all price ranges.

Superstar assets to look out for

Zach Wilson
See all Zach Wilson Fixed Price listings

2021 Prizm Zach Wilson Gold Prizm  |  Alt Value: $15,935

Boom or Bust. Heading into his sophomore season, Zach Wilson could provide a major spark to the New York market if he starts the season out hot. This Prizm Gold is a Pop 3, with none higher and it’s likely we won’t see any 10’s out there.

Trevor Lawrence
See all Trevor Lawrence Fixed Price listings

2021 National Treasures #156 Trevor Lawrence Jersey Auto  |  Alt Value: $14,866

Lawrence had a tough rookie season, but many collectors are banking on a huge improvement in year two. With one of the best patches and a hard-to-get mint grade, this is one of the nicer copies of Lawrence’s best rookie cards. A solid bet for those who believe in him heading into this NFL season.

Tyrese Maey
See all Tyrese Maxey Fixed Price listings

2020 Contenders Tyrese Maxey Var-Au-Chmp TKT 1/1  |  Alt Value: $9,082

Maxey proved his elite skill level in the playoffs, asserting himself as the clear second option behind Joel Embiid on 76ers offense. As he takes another leap this year, his 1/1 rookie auto will be a highly sought addition to any collection.

All-star assets to look out for

Jerry Rice
See all Jerry Rice Fixed Price listings

1999 Flair Showcase L.C. Jerry Rice 1/1 Maserpiece  |  Alt Value: $8,875

Undisputedly the best wide receiver of all time, Jerry Rice’s records will never be touched, at least not for a very long time. Similarly, his best and rarest cards like this 1/1 Masterpiece are an impossible find in the modern market, where the rarest 90’s cards are drying up and increase in value day-by-day.

LeBron James
See all LeBron James Fixed Price listings

2014-15 SP Authentic LeBron James ‘03 Tribute Autograph  |  Alt Value: $5,891

LeBron is such a gifted athlete that had he chosen to pursue football instead of basketball, he likely could have become an all-time great in that sport as well. This is a special card, and is one of the very few picturing him in his St. Vincent-St. Mary’s football jersey, where he starred as a one of the best players in the state before shifting exclusively to basketball. A true collectors item for any hardcore LeBron fan!

James Wiseman
See all James Wiseman Fixed Price listings

2020-21 National Treasures #124 James Wiseman Auto Jersey  |  Alt Value: $4,729

After missing all of last season and watching the Warriors capture a title without him, Wiseman will surely be extra motivated to make his mark on the team this coming year. After a strong showing in Summer League, Wiseman could be a prime candidate for a breakout year and if he does, this card will be in extremely high demand.

Starter assets to look out for

Smith, Syers, Jackson, Sanders
See all football Fixed Price listings

2007 SP Chirography Smith, Sayers, Jackson, Sanders 1,000 Yard Club Auto  |  Alt Value: $4,525

It's incredibly rare to find two or even three of the ten best running backs of all time on a single card, but four is just unheard of. As this is a 1/1, it's entirely possible no other quad auto of these four exists. Don't miss out on this piece of football history!

Samuel Deebo
See all Samuel Deebo Fixed Price listings

2019 Panini Contenders Super Bowl Ticket Deebo Samuel Auto  |  Alt Value: $4,159

Fresh off a new $72m deal with $58m guaranteed, Deebo was rewarded handsomely for being the heart and soul of the Niners last season. Now that he's committed to staying with the Niners, they are eyeing Super Bowl. If Deebo will have another stellar season and help the Niners reach their goal, it should have a positive impact on Deebo's values. This Super Bowl Ticket is without a doubt one of his top 5 single cards in existence.

Pokemon magikarp
See all Pokemon Fixed Price listings

2001 P.M. Neo Revelation Shining Magikarp Holo 1st Edition  |  Alt Value: $2,796

While one of the weakest Pokemon in the anime, Magikarp's shiny form was the first one to ever be printed as part of the Pokemon TCG along with it's evolved form Gyarados. It's so popular that it was commemorated in the 25th anniversary set in 2021. This original printing in 1st edition is from 2001 in a stunning PSA 10.

Liquid Auctions Preview

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