Remote Work Stories: AG


July 7, 2022

One of our favorite benefits of working at ALT is the ability to work remotely. This allows our employees to spend quality time with their loved ones, and explore exciting new places. Over the next month we’ll be sharing stories from some of our team members to highlight where they’ve been while working at ALT.

First up is Adriana “AG” Guerrero, Head of Brand Marketing.

How long have you worked here?

1 year

What place(s) have you been able to explore while working remotely, and why did you choose to go there?

Mexico City! My permanent residence is in Portland, OR, and winters in the Pacific Northwest are cold, wet, and sad. Warm weather was calling my name and at ALT, if there's a wifi connection, we can work. I prioritized sunshine, booked an Airbnb, packed a suitcase and headed South.

What was your favorite thing you did while traveling?

In general, the daily inspiration of experiencing "newness" was my favorite thing. Standing in line with my neighbors at the tamale shop on the corner, navigating my local grocery store, dancing in the park on the weekends, bartering with vendors at the Lagunilla flea market. Staying curious everyday, and coming back to my laptop with new sights and sounds definitely inspired my work.

While working from Mexico City, I also felt like I had a great work/life balance. I wanted to be efficient with my time in front of the laptop and on Zooms with the team, so I could afford a few hours a day to go and explore the city.

What surprised you about working remotely?

I was surprised at how many other remote workers there were. Many likeminded people who wanted to leave cold and rainy cities during the winter. We all worked for companies that allowed remote working. When companies trust their employees and don't feel the need to have everybody physically together it makes employees feel more valued and inspired which leads to better work for everybody!

Where are you considering traveling to next?

My wish list of places to work from in 2022/2023: Detroit, Denver, Sacramento and Playa del Carmen.