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Purchase cards on our Fixed Price marketplace or in bi-weekly Liquid Auctions, featuring a curated selection of the most sought-after cards in the hobby.

Search across marketplaces and compare prices.

Get daily updates for newly listed cards you're interested in.

Choose from thousands of authenticated cards.

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Maximize your card sales by reaching a global audience of passionate collectors.

Get a guaranteed cash advance when submitting cards valued $250 or higher to Liquid Auctions.

List cards for sale across multiple marketplaces in seconds.

Enjoy fast payouts and commission on your sales.


The Alt Vault keeps your assets secure and enables hassle-free selling.



Alt Lending lets you borrow cash against your cards without having to let them go.

Real-Time Pricing Data for Buyers and Sellers

Alt Value

Our card valuation tool combines transaction history and systemic market knowledge to provide the most accurate, up-to-date pricing for over 10 million cards (and counting).

Instant Pricer

Take a photo of any PSA or BGS graded card and instantly see the Alt Value, giving you a real-time look at how much its worth.

Market Trends

Our in-depth trend data helps you identify categories, players, and seasonal movements to inform your decision about when it’s the right time to buy and sell.

Portfolio Tracking

Your Alt Portfolio lets you see the value of every graded card in your collection in real-time.

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“Most importantly, my experience at Alt is by far the best place to buy and sell cards. Best customer service. Lowest fees. Top class free data tools. Super fast receiving and shipping.”


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