Selling Made Simple.

ALT gets you guaranteed sales on your assets, with the lowest fees in the industry.

Sell your cards on ALT

It pays to sell your cards on ALT.

From setting a real-time price, to getting a cash advance for submitting your cards into our Liquid Auctions, ALT makes it easier and more secure to sell your valuable assets.

Instant Liquidity


No more waiting for your money. As soon as you sell an asset, we add the funds to your account.

Guaranteed Sales

Guaranteed SALES

All buyers are verified, so you don’t have to worry about returns or unpaid items.

Low Fees

Industry’s Lowest Fees

We have the lowest fees in the industry and don’t charge sales tax. You keep the money you make.

Simplicity on ALT


Instead of dealing with listings, naming, and fair value we provide you with all the tools needed to easily put your assets up for sale.

Better data. Smarter selling.

Alt Value

ALT Value combines transaction history from public data, private data, and systematic market knowledge to provide the most accurate, up-to-date prices to help you know when to buy.

Market Trends

Our in-depth trend data helps you identify categories, players, and seasonal movements to inform your decision about when it’s the right time to sell.

Two ways 

to sell.

Liquid Auctions

Liquid Auctions

A curated catalog of investment-grade assets in an exciting, bi-weekly auction format. Buyers pay zero fees or taxes.

Cash advance upon submission acceptance.

8% seller fee.

Zero additional fees or taxes.

Auctions run every two weeks.


Liquid Auctions

ALT Exchange features thousands of assets, including some of the rarest in the hobby. Users can buy immediately or make an offer.

Instant payouts.

Industry low, 2.5% seller fees.

Zero additional fees or taxes.

Open for selling 24/7.

Listing Made Easy

Vault your asset

1. Vault it

Send your assets to the ALT Vault and list them directly from your portfolio.

List your asset

2. List it

Choose between Fixed Price or Liquid Auctions.

Share your asset

3. Share it

Share your listing with your network using our professional-grade photo.

Sell your asset

4. Sell it

Funds show up in your account immediately after sale.

Secure what you’re selling.

All cards sent to the ALT Vault are safely stored and insured to their ALT Value. Each asset is professionally photographed, giving you high-quality photos for your portfolio, and to share on social media.

Secure what you're listing


“Most importantly, my experience is ALT is by far the best place to buy and sell cards. Best customer service. Lowest fees. Top class free data tools. Super fast receiving and shipping.”


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