Borrow cash without selling your cards

Our industry-leading lending program gives you cash to put against new cards, a mortgage, a car, or anything else you’ve been saving for.

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Alt Lending

Get up to 40% of your portfolio value - the highest advance rate without risking your cards being liquidated.

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Bridge loans

Take out a 30-day high LTV loan with Alt to pay off a loan from another source.

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Competitor matching

Considering a competitor’s trading card loan? Alt will match the annualized interest rate on your offer.

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Referral program

Refer other collectors and receive a dollar decrease on your loan for each successful referral, equivalent to 1% of your loan amount*.

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*Lower loan amount between parties

Why choose Alt Lending?

Industry’s best borrower experience. 

• Annual interest rates starting at ~1%/month with a 1% origination fee.
• Dynamic pricing backed by machine learning with no surprise margin calls. 
• Advanced loan portal updated in real-time.
• Option to list your loaned cards for sale on Alt to get cash to put towards your loan.

Simple and fast application process. 

• Immediate response from our lending team.
• Instant access to cash upon signing your terms.

Built for collectors, by collectors. 

• Transparent rates with several programs to suit your needs. 
• No prepayment penalties if you need your cards back. 
• Over $23m in loan originations with zero surprise liquidations.

How it works

Vault with ALT


All cards need to be professionally graded and stored in the Alt Vault to be eligible.

Select Your Assets


You decide which cards to use as collateral against the loan. Cards graded by PSA or BGS must have a minimum Alt Value of $500, while SGC-graded cards must be from before 1980 with an Alt Value over $10,000.

Receive your terms

3. Receive your terms

You can expect the terms of the loan within three business days, and will be able to borrow 5-40% of the market value of your cards. The amount offered will depend on the diversity of the cards used as collateral.

Pay off your loan early, with no premiums

4. Pay on your terms

Each month, you will make an interest-only payment based on the principal owed. Your final payment will be interest plus your remaining outstanding principal. You are able to repay your principal at any time without imposed fees.

Alt Lending is currently only available to customers with a US social security number and valid address located in select states. Please view our Alt Lending FAQ page or contact if you have any questions.

Security of your cards

All cards sent to the Alt Vault are safely stored and insured to their Alt Value. Each card is professionally photographed, giving you high-quality photos for your portfolio, and sharing with your network.

Secure what you're listing


Why would I want a loan against my cards?

If it isn’t the right time to sell your cards, you can allow them to appreciate while getting money to spend on other parts of your life. You can use the cash to fix up your house, pay for a wedding, baby proof your apartment, or simply buy more cards.

How much can I expect?

Alt Lending may offer up to 40% of your portfolio value. The final amount offered will depend on the diversity of your card portfolio. For example, a portfolio with 100 cards will get a higher advance rate than a portfolio with one card.

What is the minimum and maximum loan size?

There is minimum loan size of $10,000. For loans larger than $2 million, please reach out to your Account Manager or for more information.

What is needed in order to begin the loan process?

All customers must provide their US Social Security Number and home address. At this time, we do not originate loans outside of the United States.

What cards do you accept for loans?

We can only consider cards if they are graded by PSA or BGS, or graded by SGC if they are pre-1980 and valued over $10,000. Cards must have a minimum of $500 based on Alt Value, and not be damaged in any way.

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“Alt Lending helped me to secure a dream card and made my cash flow better. The process is very straightforward and fast, and my rep Kayvon at Alt is very helpful and responsive. It’s also flexible in that you can pay back early or sell cards within the portfolio as long as the associated loan portion is covered. It’s a convenient utility provided by Alt platform, and if used responsibly, it allows you to unlock many potential opportunities within the hobby.”