ALT Advance lets you borrow cash against your assets without having to part ways with them.

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Where the bank ends, ALT Advance begins.

Traditionally, you can’t take alternative assets to get a bank loan. With ALT, you can. We’re able to provide an accurate value for your collectables so you can borrow against them, providing the same utility as traditional assets.

Borrow against your ALT assets

Borrow up to 40% against your Portfolio value for up to 12 months.

Up to 12 months at 9-10% annual interest rates

Annual interest rates starting at 9% with 1% origination fee.

Pay off your loan early, with no premiums

Pay off your loan early, with no premiums.

Personalized customer support from an expert

Personalized customer support from an expert.

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All assets used as collateral need to be professionally graded and stored in the ALT Vault to be eligible.

Select Your Assets

2. Select your assets

You will then indicate which assets you would like to collateralize against the loan.

Receive your terms

3. Receive your terms

The ALT Advance team will determine the max loan amount based on your portfolio’s ALT Value and diversity of assets. You will receive the terms of the loan within three business days.

Pay off your loan early, with no premiums

4. Pay on your terms

When the terms are accepted, a contract will go out for signatures. Once signed, the funds will be disbursed within one business day.

What’s needed to obtain a loan.

Borrower must provide ALT their US Social Security Number.

Borrower must provide ALT their address. ALT is not currently licensed in all states to grant consumer loans, and needs to know the address in order to qualify the borrower.

All collateral used to obtain a loan must be vaulted in the ALT Vault.

All collateral must be graded through PSA or BGS.

Collateral used to obtain the loan should be diverse. If the highest valued asset exceeds 30%-40% of the total value of collateralized assets, you will be eligible for a lower loan amount.

Security of your Assets.

All cards sent to the ALT Vault are safely stored and insured to their ALT Value. Each asset is professionally photographed, giving you high-quality photos for your portfolio, and to share on social media.

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