March 29, 2023

Hello collectors,
Welcome to another edition of Alt Hits. Before we start, we wanted to remind you that starting in next week’s Liquid Auctions, opening April 3rd, we’ll be adding a 20% buyer’s premium to all auctions. For more information about this change, check out our blog. And now on with the hits…

🔮 Final Fortunes

While the men’s NCAA Tournament made headlines for having a Final Four that emphasized madness, the women’s Tourney is a further indication of how rapidly women’s sports are growing in the US. With early indications being that tourney ratings are “through the roof.

Those big viewing numbers were for the early round games, well before Iowa’s Caitlin Clark powered her Hawkeyes to the Final Four with by having the first 40 point triple double of any player in NCAA Tournament history. It was also the fifth time this season that Clark has scored more points than the Iowa football team did in any of their 2022 contests.

What does this mean for collectors? Likely good news if you’ve been stocking up on WNBA cards hoping for them to surge in price. And since last month a Sabrina Ionescu Black Gold Prizm rookie became the highest-selling WNBA card of all-time, it’s only a matter of time until players like Clark come close to hitting that rarified plateau as well.


👯 Twin Killers

The Miami men’s team may have made the Final Four, but the Women’s team had their dreams cut short in the Elite Eight. Still, their team has has some real starpower with the Cavinder twins, who took advantage of NIL licensing to release signed trading cards with Leaf.

🎰 Brady’s Aces

In more WNBA news, Tom Brady recently became an investor in the reigning champion Las Vegas Aces.

🎾 Tennis Anyone?

Fanatics announced that Topps will release Tennis cards to jump on the popularity of the both the hobby, and recent massive sales from stars like Serena Williams and Roger Federer.

🐦 Bowman Dad

An Orioles prospect signed a special message to his Dad on one of his Bowman cards, and now his Dad wants some help in tracking it down.

🏎️ Max Price

A Max Verstappen card recently sold for over $336k, further proving just how popular F1 has become among card collectors and sports fans alike.

🎷 Jazz Bang Pow

Utah Jazz stars Lauri Markkanen and Walker Kessler had comic books made to boost their stock for the NBA’s awards season, and tried to sell them at a local comic store.

⚾ Swing Time

Baseball is back! Missed all the offseason news? Here’s a primer. Concerned that Mike Trout will be sad that he keeps missing the playoffs? Don’t worry, he’s building a golf course with the help of Tiger Woods.

🧙 One Card to Rule them All

Lord of the Rings and Magic: The Gathering have teamed up to make the first ever one of one Magic card.

📈 The MJ + J-Rod Show

Got any Michael Jordan or Julio Rodriguez cards graded recently? You’re not alone. They’re the two most graded players of late.

💵 Collecting Cash

A recent episode of the Best New Ideas in Money podcast asked if collectibles belong in your portfolio. Take a listen to see what they thought.

📗 Making the Grade

Wondering what goes into CGC’s grading process for comics, cards and video games? Here’s an episode of That Collectibles Show with the details, plus a conversation with Todd McFarlane.

🏦 Uncle Sam Wants your NFTs

Should NFTs be taxed as collectibles? Here’s a look at the debate.

🕯️ Wicking Awesome Collectibles

Excited about the release of John Wick 4? Here are some collectibles to stash wherever you keep your hidden weapons.