April 19, 2022

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The NBA Playoffs are underway, and we’re watching every bit of the action. This make-or-break time of year is when players become legends, and their assets become legendary. Here’s a look at a few players who’s value we have our eyes on during round one and beyond.

Anthony Edwards (+11.54 7-day trend)

While Edwards likes playing in Memphis because they “talk so much trash,” Ant-Man let his game do the talking over the weekend, pouring in 36 points in a surprising game one victory.

Joel Embiid (+10.93)

As the only MVP finalist with a chance to win his first MVP award, Embiid has seen a decent raise in value over the past week. And with his 76ers looking pretty good thus far, could a Finals trip be on the way as well?

Jayson Tatum (+3.12)

In case you missed it, Inside the NBA was live during the end of Sunday’s dramatic Celtics victory, and Charles Barkley provided quite an entertaining reaction to Tatum’s buzzer beater. And speaking of “in case you missed it,” Tatum’s cards had been on a marginal upswing, but will likely shoot up should the Celtics send KD and Kyrie packing.

Chris Paul (+1.66)

Like Tatum, CP3’s value had been steady heading into the postseason, but after his thrilling, near triple double in game one, this future Hall of Famer seems determined to stay healthy and finally get that elusive ring. Should that happen, a rise in value won’t be far behind.


While Captain America is the First Avenger, he’s the third superhero to have a comic book sell for over $3 Million. Recently, the 1941 premier issue of Captain America reached heights only previously achieved by Superman and Spider-Man by selling for $3.1 Million in a Heritage Auction.


After 30 years exclusively on DirecTV, it seems like NFL Sunday Ticket will be available on Apple TV starting in 2023. Good news for anyone with a computer or smart TV. Bad news for anyone who had a satellite dish installed just so they could watch football.


The NFL Draft is just over a week away, and while there won’t be a run on QBs to rival the last few years, teams are still weighing the pros and cons of the three top names on the board: Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett, and Desmond Ridder. Are they better options than what some seemingly QB-needy teams have? Here’s a look.

Wondering which players your team might take? A new ESPN model might be smarter than the markets.


One of the hottest alternative investments of the last few years has been watches. Old watches, new watches, even those Mickey Mouse watches. Curious about dipping your toe (and wrist!) into this exciting world? Here’s a primer.


Lights! Camera! Apes! Coinbase is producing an animated trilogy of films based on the famed Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Unlike your average Hollywood blockbuster, the bored Ape community will be able to submit their Apes for consideration for the movie, and have a say in the film’s plot. While we can’t speak for the finished product, it seems as if this process will be anything but boring.


The Pokémon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022 released its list of 300 finalists, in which the winner and runners-up will have their designs turned into real Pokémon cards. Follow the link check out some of the chosen ones.