May 2, 2022

Welcome back to Alt Hits. This week sees the release of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the first Marvel movie to come along since the sixth highest-grossing movie of all time. No pressure, Doc.

In honor of this, we figured we’d highlight data on some Marvel characters, as well as our usual look at what’s been happening in the world of alternative assets.

Spider-Man (+11.90% last 3 months)

Not surprisingly, Spidey has been on the upswing since No Way Home became such a massive success. With another Spider-Verse movie coming this year, as well as a number of spin-offs and more live-action appearances, things should continue to go well for Marvel’s most bankable, and arguably most legendary hero.

Venom (-33.44)

Venom cards have been on a sharp decline so far this year, as the lukewarm reaction to Venom: Let there be Carnage caused it to fade from memory a bit. But, with plans for a Sinister Six movie, and Venom finally entering the cinematic Spider-Verse himself, it seems like he’ll be back on the minds of collectors sooner rather than later.

Wolverine (-35.45)

Wolverine is another hero who’s seen his value slashed so far this year. But considering it’s been five years since the appeared on screen in a major role, that’s no surprise. However, with the X-Men headed to the Marvel Universe this week, and rumors about Wolverine’s MCU casting flying around, don’t be surprised if we’re entering the Wolverineverse in the next couple of years.

If anything, the market for Marvel cards is just heating up. Just last week, Marvel announced that Bad Bunny would be starring as El Muerto in an upcoming movie, showing that every character in Marvel history, no matter how big or small, has investment potential.


The 2022 NFL Draft kicked off last Thursday, and Panini was ready, offering Instant Draft Night cards of the players who had their names called out. Plus, Panini was on hand with a camera crew, capturing a Rated Rookie documentary about Aidan Hutchinson, the Plymouth, Michigan native who went to Michigan, and as luck would have it, was drafted by the Detroit Lions.


Is that Panini’s music we hear? Indeed, the first ever set of Panini Prizm WWE cards has been released and the response has been ravenous, with a Triple H Mojo Prizm Auto selling for $20,000. Considering how popular the first year of NBA Prizm cards remains, the highlights of this set should remain iconic for quite some time.


The Pokémon Group has acquired the company that’s been printing Pokémon cards since 2015. The good news: This means more Pokémon cards. The bad news: This means more Pokémon cards. With scarcity being one of the hobby’s calling cards, having more of something isn’t always good. But for kids hunting for Pikachu, life just got better.


With superstars constantly on the move in the NBA, all eyes will be on the Utah Jazz this summer, as another early playoff exit has increased calls to blow things up. This could have a huge impact on the market for avowed Mets fan Donovan Mitchell (his Dad is a former Minor League Baseball player who works for the team), which just might skyrocket in value should he ask for a trade to another NY team in blue and orange. Will minority owner Dwyane Wade help keep Spida Mitchell in Utah? Stay tuned.


If the video game market is hot, and the trading card market is hot, what does that say about trading cards created for video games? More importantly, what does it say about video game trading cards you never knew existed? Have any of these hidden away somewhere? If so, it might be time to cash in.


The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Instagram was hacked, leading to $1 million in Apes and other NFTs going missing. While these stories make investors nervous, every hack leads to increased security for an asset built for tomorrow.


Want to learn more about about vaulting your assets? Take our word for it. This Business Insider story takes a look at the latest trends in safe-keeping, with insights from Allie Held, our Head of Operations.