Alt Updates - May

Product Releases

May 31, 2024

Summer is practically here! The only thing rising faster than temps this month were Anthony Edwards comps.

Check out some of the newsworthy happenings on Alt this month! 🚀

Product Releases

My Collection - Learn More

List and manage your cards all in the same place! We've consolidated the Portfolio and Seller Dashboard into one easy experience under My Collection, now on web and mobile!


More offers on Fixed Price - Learn More

You now have the ability to receive, counter, and accept offers from buyers on cards you dual list to eBay from Alt.


Alt Search Sold Listings - Learn More

Now when you search any card, you’ll get the recent sales for graded cards across online marketplaces. See up to 90 days of sales.


Our Top Tip

A frequently asked question on our support channels:

Why would I send my cards to the Alt Vault?

Great question, let's dive in!

Sending your trading cards to the Alt Vault allows you to quickly and easily track and manage your cards, all while they are securely stored in a controlled and insured location.

When cards are vaulted you can:

  • Manage your cards with My Collection
  • Sell almost instantly in Liquid Auctions and get a guaranteed cash advance upfront
  • Dual list your cards with one click on Alt's Fixed Price marketplace and eBay to get maximum visibility
  • Stop worrying about imaging, shipping, and handling, Alt takes care of it all

Ship your cards in today.



Community Spotlight

Get to know the Alt team! Let's check in with our founder, Leore Avidar and his impressive collection of 1/1s.  


About Alt:

Alt is a modern marketplace where trading card collectors can buy, sell, and vault their graded trading cards. Alt is changing the way people invest in trading cards by focusing on providing liquidity and transparency to an industry that has traditionally been fragmented and hard to understand.

Founded in 2020, Alt leverages proprietary market data, industry leading lending program, and cutting-edge pricing technology (“Alt Value”) to create advantages for every collector. Alt’s growing marketplace maximizes returns and provides convenience to users. Alt is built for collectors, by collectors; to learn more visit

Alt has two ways to buy and sell trading cards - Fixed Price Marketplace and Liquid Auctions. Alt Liquid Auctions is an always-live 14-day auction that ends every other Thursday and has cards of all categories and price ranges. Sell your football cards, basketball cards, baseball cards, soccer cards, pokémon cards, Formula 1 cards - anything graded by PSA, Beckett, CGC, SGC, or factory sealed.