Buyers Premium Coming to Liquid Auctions

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March 22, 2023

Buyer’s Premium Coming to Liquid Auctions

Starting April 3rd, 2023, Alt is introducing a 20% buyer’s premium to Liquid Auctions. All sales will have an additional 20% added to the winning bid (hammer price).

A buyer’s premium is a fee charged by Alt that auction winners will pay in addition to the hammer price, which is the winning bid in Liquid Auctions. The final sale price of a card will now refer to the hammer price plus the buyer’s premium.

For example:

Winning bid (hammer) price: $1,000

20% buyer’s premium: $200

Final sale price: $1,200

Sellers will receive a commission based on the winning bid price as noted in the table below. Using the same example as above:

Winning bid price: $1,000

20% buyer’s premium: $200

Winning buyer pays: $1,200

Seller receives 106%: $1,060

Payout timing will not be affected by this change. Alt will retain the remaining balance of the buyer’s premium to continue to support our platform and future auctions.

This change will go into effect starting April 3rd, 2023, only in Liquid Auctions. If you have any questions, please email or check out our FAQs page.