Card industry veterans Justin Wickizer and Erik Myers join Alt

May 19, 2023

We’re excited to welcome hobby veterans Justin Wickizer and Erik Myers to the Alt team. Justin and Erik have roughly 40 years of collecting experience between them, and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, having collectively sold more than $80M of collectables in their careers.

Erik and Justin are joining Alt’s Customer Team, where they will oversee client experiences. Erik will be growing Alt’s relationships and supporting the needs of private collectors, whereas Justin will be focused on deepening our relationships with dealers and partners. They’ll both work closely with the Marketing, Product, and Engineering teams, ensuring that Alt’s platform and card selection meets the unique needs of the hobby. 

Prior to joining Alt, both Erik and Justin held long-time roles at PWCC, where they established close relationships with collectors and dealers across the globe. In addition to his time at PWCC, Justin has worked across all facets of the hobby, including as a dealer, collector, and investor.  Erik has worked with international collectors to bridge the hobby gap and bring some of the most rare, and valuable sports cards to market. 

“I joined Alt to create a raving customer experience driven by my hobby-first perspective,” said Justin. “My vision is to create more opportunities for our customers to win, connect, have fun, and chase the cards they desire. Whether you’re buying, selling, trading, vaulting or using our lending product, my focus will be on what’s best for the customer and the hobby.”

“I decided to make the move to Alt to be a part of a growing company. I look forward to bringing a life-long hobby perspective here, as well. Learning to enjoy the journey of life is the greatest part of it,” said Erik. “Here at Alt I feel like we can lock arms together to pursue a common goal. I can’t wait to get started!”

This weekend, Erik will be at the Dallas Card Show and Justin will be at the Fenway Card Show. Each is looking forward to talking more about why they’ve joined the Alt team, and hearing your thoughts on how Alt can help the hobby grow.