Celebrating One Year of Liquid Auctions


September 29, 2022

A year ago we auctioned off a single Josh Allen RPA. Since then, Liquid Auctions have grown exponentially, as we’ve auctioned off rare gems from the world’s best athletes, sought-after TCG cards and much more. If you’ve bid on cards in Liquid Auctions to help build your collection, we want to thank you for helping build one of the strongest communities in the hobby.

Here are some milestones from a year of Liquid Auctions.

9.2021 | Our first auction features just one card, a Josh Allen National Treasures RPA that sells for $25.1k.

10.2021 | We kick off our first multi-card round of Liquid Auctions.

11.2021 | The ALT mobile app launches, making it easier to take part in the auction process.

12.2021 | Pokemon cards make their Liquid Auctions debut, introducing ALT to a whole new audience.

01.2022 | The first +$100k sale in Liquid Auctions is a 2000 Leaf Certified Tom Brady that sells for $126.1k.

02.2022 | By February, we have multiple cards selling for +$100k, including rarities from LeBron, Kobe and Justin Herbert.

03. 2022 | A Michael Jordan Jambalaya posts a record-breaking, $116k sale.

04.2022 | With he NBA Playoffs underway, an ultra-rare Steve Nash Precious Metal Gems Green sells for $102k.

2022 | Extended Bidding makes its Liquid Auctions debut.

06.2022 | ALT and Liquid Auctions introduce a new, updated look.

07.2022 | A Josh Allen RPA sells for $110k, as collectors prepare for the NFL season.

08.2022 | The Trevor Lawrence Black Finite, which ALT traded for on-camera at the National, sells for $150k.

Along with all of the major milestones, there have been some pretty interesting stats to come out of the last year! Take a look at the top categories

Thanks for participating in Liquid Auctions! In our continuing effort to create the best possible platform for buying and selling cards, we’re asking for your input on how we can make your ALT auction experience even more rewarding. Head to your ALT account and use the new “Give Feedback” option or visit https://alt.canny.io/feedback to get started.

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