Darius X Cassidy on this week’s Liquid Auctions.

January 14, 2023

Which cards in this week’s Liquid Auctions is Darius (@darscards35kd) most excited about? He sat down with Cassidy to share his thoughts on his favorite assets available for bidding. Give it a watch!

Cassidy: Which card are you most excited to see go through Liquid Auctions?

Darius: I think personally when I look through auctions, I like to try to find cards that don't come up for sale very often. And so in this auction we're running a Harden NT PSA 10. Now that's a card that sells pretty frequently in other grades, but as a PSA 10, there's only two of them and the last time a PSA 10 sold sold was in like august of 2020.


Cassidy: And then obviously NFL playoffs are right around the corner. We've seen a lot of crazy things happening around the league, a lot of competition going into the postseason. Who in the football space are you adding to your watch list?

Darius: I will definitely have my eyes on this Josh Allen Gold Vinyl as I'm sure a lot of people will. It's the biggest football card in the auction. I think he was probably the early season MVP candidate. You know, he beat Mahomes in the regular season, He had a lot of really big games and then he kind of tailed off. But I think he he proved last year that he he elevates his game in the playoffs. And so if they go on to make a really late stage playoff run, this is a great card. I mean there's only five of them. In PSA 10 there's only two of them. So this is legitimately one of his best cards. And if this is the year that he finally takes that jump and wins the Super bowl, then long term, this is a huge, huge card.


Cassidy: What is the card under 5k that you would pick out as one I should purchase?

Darius: This one was tough because there's a lot of interesting cards in that range. We have a lot of like fun RPAs, we have a George Bush auto. We got some Pokemon cards, Got some Kobe autos.

But the one that stood out to me was this Iverson Flawless auto. It's a one-of-one, he's pictured wearing the old blue Sixers Jersey, it’s just an iconic Iverson look right there.

It very clearly says one-of-one on the card. It's got the nice holofoil. The autograph is perfectly centered. It's just a really nice card. This is one of those guys that I really loved watching growing up, and Iverson just does not have a lot of on card autos. So this is a really nice one, graded BGS 9 from the early Flawless.


Liquid Auctions close on Thursday, January 19th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET! Get your bids in HERE!