Product Update: eBay Counteroffers on Fixed Price

Product Releases

May 9, 2024

Heads up! You'll get more offers than ever on your Fixed Price listings.

We’ve recently made some updates to our Fixed Price marketplace that will get you more action on your dual listed cards! Offers will now have a 24 hour time window to take action. 

What's new?

  • eBay Counteroffers - You now have the ability to receive, counter, and accept offers from buyers on cards you dual list to eBay from Alt.

  • Offer Deadlines - Offers now have a 24 hour time window on Alt and eBay listings.

  • Offer Management - Easily manage your offers on the My Collection tab under Fixed Price - now also available on mobile.

Read to get in on the action? Dual list your cards on Fixed Price:

1. Head over to My Collection

2. Hit Sell next to cards you’re ready to list

3. Select Fixed Price and set your list price

4. Make sure the Counteroffers and Dual List to eBay toggles are both on

5. Confirm your listing and you're all set! Make sure to head to your phone settings and turn on notifications for Alt so you don't miss any offers.

Here’s some frequently asked questions about dual listings.

How is this different from the previous eBay dual listing feature?

You could always dual list your cards, but those items were only available as a Buy it Now option on eBay. With this feature update, you can now accept offers not just on Alt, but on eBay as well. We have seen that listings which accept offers get a lot more interest and engagement than listings that are Buy it Now only, and most importantly, they sell 3x more often! This means faster sales and more money in the pocket of sellers on Alt.

How does it work?

Offers that a seller receives from an eBay dual listing will look and feel the same as when you receive an offer on the Alt fixed price marketplace. A seller has a maximum of 5 counteroffers, and will have 24 hours to respond to each offer and any future counteroffers from a potential buyer.

Where can I manage all the offers I am getting?

If you are on desktop (recommended), you can view all your offers directly at Here you can quickly see the highest offer, the Alt Value, your list price and cost basis, as well as the recent transaction history for every item that you have listed.

On mobile, you can manage your offers by going to the My Collection screen and tapping on the Fixed Price tab.

I already have items listed. Will my existing dual listings have eBay counteroffers enabled?

Yes! If you chose to dual list to eBay and accept offers on your item when you originally listed it, those items will now automatically have counteroffers enabled. You don’t need to do anything else. These options are enabled by default when listing an item, so if you simply set a price and listed the item, you will have eBay counteroffers enabled.

I want to be able to accept offers from eBay but when I listed my item, I chose not to accept offers. What should I do?

In this case, you should cancel the current listing for the item and relist it with accept offers and list on eBay both enabled.

What is the benefit of selling my card on eBay through Alt instead of just doing it myself on my own account?

Listing an item for sale on Alt gives you access to buyers on multiple marketplaces at the same time. Now you can get maximum exposure for your items, receive more offers than listing just on Alt or just on eBay, which leads to faster sales, and more of them.

If you want to update your prices, the new price will be reflected automatically across all platforms. You can manage all the incoming offers under one roof, without having to worry about any trips to the post office or managing the logistics after you’ve made the sale.

What are the fees for this?

For all sales on our Fixed Price marketplace, including counteroffers and cards listed on eBay, the seller fee will be based on the final sale price of the card. We have a tiered fee structure in place:

For listings on eBay, Alt automatically adjusts your listing price to cover any additional fees incurred by eBay.

I sold my card. Now what?

You will be paid directly to your Alt account as soon as the eBay buyer makes payment. All sales are final. After that, just sit back, relax, and watch the sales roll in as Alt’s best in class vault team takes care of all of the logistics of processing, packing, and shipping your item to the buyer.

What happens if someone buys my card on eBay and wants to return it?

Your funds are yours as soon as the item is sold, and all sales are final. One of the benefits of selling on Alt is that your logistics are all taken care of for you by our best in class vault and operations team. You will never have to spend time packing up items, going to the post office, or responding to customer return requests.

How much time do I have to send a counteroffer?

As soon as a seller receives an offer, they have 24 hours to respond.

I’m not noticing an increase in the amount of offers I am getting. Why?

You may be listing your cards at a price that is too high above the current value. Buyers send offers more often to cards that are priced very competitively, and you can consider updating your list price to see if you receive more offers.

Can I decline offers that I think are too low?

Right now there is no option to decline offers, but is something our product team is working to add soon.

How do you calculate how much my card will be listed for on eBay?

Each item is listed on eBay at a price that allows sellers to receive the same net proceeds whether their item sells on Alt or on eBay. The specific price is determined by the price you list an item for on Alt, and eBay’s seller fees which are automatically calculated based on the value of the item.

I have a lot of listings and am getting more offers than I can handle. Is there a better way to manage all my offers?

The best way to quickly and effectively manage multiple offers is on desktop ( We also have solutions available for high volume sellers.

If you’d like to learn more about high volume seller tools, ask questions, or provide feedback on new releases, please contact and someone from our collector support team will reach out!

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