Employee Gems: Mere

September 12, 2022

At ALT, our mission is to transform investing by unlocking the value of alternative assets. Part of the fun of working here is that our employees are passionate collectors themselves, and over the next month we are having some of them share their prized possessions with the world. Our final feature is Chief of Staff, Meredith Keller to talk about her Croc collection.

How long have you been at Alt? What is your role?

I've been at ALT since February 2022. My role is Chief of Staff, with a particular focus right now on leading the marketing team.

What do you like to collect and why?

I collect Crocs, mostly limited edition collaborations. I became fascinated by Crocs in 2020 right before they became known as the "shoe of 2020" or the "shoe that won quarantine.” I became obsessed with following their momentum and how they leaned into the polarizing "ugly" trend, partnered with celebrities, and mastered drop culture.

When did you start your collection?

I've been wearing Crocs since I was 10, they were my go-to shoes for sleep-away camp. I really started my collection in 2020, when I began getting the limited edition Crocs.

What does your collection look like today?

I have about 25 pairs of Crocs now - two pairs of Post Malone’s, two pairs of Justin Bieber’s, Diplos, Luke Combs, and Beam’s to name a few. I had to slow down on collecting them because I started running out of space. If only I could get them graded then I’d vault them with ALT. I'm still hunting for a pair of the Salahe Bembury at market price but they sell out so quickly.

What’s your strategy for obtaining the assets you want?

The goal is to get them at market price, whether that's somehow getting the drop before they sell out, or asking a contact at Crocs to send me the collaboration before they launch. Once they hit secondary market its not interesting to me anymore. The fun part is figuring out how to be the first to get them.

What is your most valuable asset?

I like my Justin Bieber and Post Malone crocs the most. These two collabs were the first Crocs partnerships to catch my attention and got me excited about collecting.

Is there any specific item you’d love to get your hands on?

I'd love to get the Salehe or Balenciaga Crocs. I'd actually wear these! Ideally I could have a pair to wear and a pair to flip, since these go for the most on secondary market.

What do you see as being the future of collecting for your item?

Similar to how ALT could potentially support sneakers one day, I'd love for the high value, collectable Crocs to have a process where they could be graded, vaulted, be backed by an NFT, etc. I rarely wear any of my Crocs so they just collect dust in my closet. I wish there was something more interesting I could do with them besides letting them sit there.