How to list on ALT and sell on ebay

Product Releases

September 19, 2022

List on ALT. Sell on eBay.

At ALT, we’re always on a mission to make buying and selling cards as simple and frictionless as possible. And today we’re introducing a new game-changer. Now when you list your cards for sale on ALT, you’re able to cross-list on eBay, allowing you to reach buyers on both platforms. The best part? There’s no extra work on your end. Simply use the app to select the card you want to sell, set your price, and we’ll take care of the listing, payouts, and shipping. When your card sells, you’ll get paid the same, regardless of which platform the sale is from.

In order to sell a card, you need to send it to the ALT Vault. Once the card is listed for sale, we use our standardized naming algorithm to make it easier for potential buyers to find it when searching. As always, our imaging makes your card stand out from the other listings. Our photos just hit different.

How does it work
  1. Head over to your Portfolio
  2. Decide which card you want to sell and click SELL
  4. Set your price and click SELL ON ALT
  5. If you want your card listed on eBay as well as ALT, leave the toggle purple. If you don’t want your card listed on eBay, switch the toggle off.
  7. Share your listing on social media. The link will go to your ALT listing, not eBay.