Introducing Counteroffers

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June 20, 2023

Introducing Counteroffers

We are happy to announce the launch of our newest feature, counteroffers! This feature has been one of our most requested by our users, and we are thrilled to finally offer it.

With counteroffers, buyers and sellers can negotiate and agree on the final sale price of Fixed Price listings. This means that you can buy and sell cards faster and more efficiently on Alt.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The seller of the card will be notified of the new offer and have the option to accept or make a counteroffer. Once a counteroffer has been made, the seller will no longer be able to accept the previous offer. All offers expire after 48 hours.
  2. The buyer will be notified of the counteroffer and will have the option to accept or make another counteroffer. Once the buyer has made another counteroffer, the buyer can’t accept the previous counteroffer from the seller. All offers expires after 48 hours.
  3. This will continue until either the buyer or the seller accepts or declines an offer during the negotiation. If accepted, the payment must be completed within 72 hours. If an offer is declined, the negotiations stops and can’t be continued.

Helpful tips

  • Initial offers and counteroffers expire after 48 hours.
  • Neither side can withdraw a counteroffer.
  • Buyers are not able to accept a previous counter, once a new counteroffer has been made.
  • Payment must be initiated within 72 hours of offer acceptance. A buyer accepts a counteroffer by initiating a payment for the card.
  • Sellers will be able to both lower and increase their counteroffers at any point, as long as they are higher than the initial offer.
  • Sellers are not able to accept a previous counter, once a new counteroffer has been made.

Close more deals today

So what are you waiting for? Try out Counteroffers today and see how it can benefit your buying and selling experience on Alt. Visit our Fixed Price listings now to get started!

If you have any additional questions you can find answers on our FAQ page, or reach out to our team.