Selling on Liquid Auctions vs. Fixed Price. Which one is right for you?


May 1, 2023

If you have cards that you’re ready to sell, we’ve got two ways for you to cash in. But which option is the right one for you? Here’s a look at what you get selling cards in Liquid Auctions vs. our Fixed Price marketplace, making it easy to choose which one is best for you.

Selling in Liquid Auctions

What are Liquid Auctions?

Sell in our curated, bi-weekly auctions. Auctions last for 14 days, with bidding (and extended bidding) coming to a rolling close between 9-11pm EST every other Thursday - the next round of auctions opens as soon as the last round closes.

As a seller, what are the benefits of Liquid Auctions?

  • Guaranteed cash advance: Any card submitted that's valued at $250 or higher receives a cash advance dependent on multiple factors (current market, card liquidity, grade). This advance will be issued upon the card being accepted to Liquid Auctions and will never be clawed back.
  • Commission on every sale: With the addition of a buyer’s premium, sellers in Liquid Auctions will now receive a commission based on the final sale price of each card. The full commission rate structure can be found here.
  • Fast transfers: As soon as a transaction is settled, the winning bidder will receive the card in their Vault and your payout will be immediately processed.
  • End-to-end consignment: No further actions are needed once a card is approved by Alt’s experts and confirmed by the seller. We take care of everything, including the listing, payments and shipping, if needed.

Selling on Fixed Price

What is Fixed Price?

The Fixed Price marketplace is Alt’s always on exchange. Cards are listed by sellers for a preferred price and buyers can either “Buy Now” for the list price, or “Make an Offer” for a price they’re willing to pay.

As a seller, what are the benefits of Fixed Price?

  • Dual Listings: You can simultaneously list your cards on Alt and eBay, where we take care of the listing, shipping, and get you paid as soon as the sale is completed. It’s the easiest and fastest way to make an eBay sale.
  • Set your own price: Sellers are able to determine what price to list their card at and will receive notifications whenever the same card is listed for a lower price.
  • Accepting offers: If a buyer makes an offer for less than the list price, sellers have the discretion to accept or deny it.
  • Full Service Selling: We take care of everything, including the payments, packing, and shipping!

Whether you’re ready to consign to Liquid Auctions or list on our Fixed Price marketplace, selling on Alt is simple and fast. Just make sure your cards are graded by PSA, BGS, or SGC and are securely in the Alt Vault. We offer fast payouts once transactions are settled.

Try it out by listing cards straight from your Portfolio today, or if you have some at home, send them directly to the Alt Vault to get started.