The A-Team | Kaushik Mohan


March 25, 2024

Alt is built for collectors, by collectors. For Kaushik Mohan, an operations manager at Alt, collecting basketball cards isn't just a hobby—it's a connection to his childhood, his sports heroes, and a way to understand the stories behind each collector he meets.

Growing up in New York City, Kaushik was immersed in the basketball culture of the '90s, a golden era for the New York Knicks. His father's love for the Knicks ignited Shik's passion for the game, leading him to collect cards of players like Larry Johnson, Latrell Sprewell, Allan Houston, and Patrick Ewing. However, a heartbreaking loss in the finals soured his admiration for John Starks temporarily, showing the emotional rollercoaster that can come with sports fandom.

Moving to Kentucky, a state passionate about college basketball but lacking professional teams, Kaushik found collecting cards was a way to stay connected to the sport. It wasn't just about the players or the games; it was about the stories each card told and the memories they held.

Kaushik's collecting journey has evolved over the years, reflecting changes in his life and interests. From being a set collector to focusing on modern cards and then returning to set collecting.

At Alt, Kaushik leads the pricing team, ensuring customers get accurate values, data, and comps for their cards. He understands the importance of data quality, aiming for Alt to have the best data set in the industry. This commitment stems from a desire to enhance the collector experience, providing tools like Instant Pricer that collectors can rely on without hesitation.

For Kaushik, collecting isn't just about acquiring valuable cards; it's about the rarity and beauty each card represents. His collection includes gems like a Kobe Bryant 2004 Pristine Gold card and a Jaylen Brunson National Treasures RPA Logoman, each card holding a story and a special place in his PC.

Beyond collecting for fun, Shik's collection includes a card a special card of superstition. Devin Thomas, a player no longer in the league but who played a crucial role in a memorable game for Kaushik's favorite football team, the New York Giants. This card serves as a good luck charm, a reminder of the emotional connections sports can create because of the Giant's incredible win in the post season versus the 49ers.

Looking ahead, Kaushik plans to focus on rarity and beauty in his collection, going back to his roots of set collecting. For Alt, innovation is key, with plans to change the industry and enhance the collector experience on the horizon.

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