The A-Team | Leore Avidar


April 12, 2024

Meet Leore, CEO of Alt. Inspired by Kobe Bryant's Mamba Mentality, Leore's journey began with a dream: the elusive 1996 EX-2000 Kobe Bryant Green. From there, his collection grew, with highlights like the 2008 Kobe Bryant Superfractor and the recent Giannis My House Black card.

Alt isn't just a business venture for Leore; it's a passion project to revolutionize the collector's experience. Yet, amidst the thrill of building Alt, Leore finds joy in connecting with fellow collectors, sharing stories, and expanding passions.

However, being a collector isn't without its challenges. The constant pursuit of rare cards comes with setbacks, but Leore's competitive spirit drives him forward.

Looking ahead, Leore envisions Alt as the ultimate destination for collectors worldwide. As for his collection, it remains a closely guarded secret, reflecting his dedication to the chase.

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About Alt:

Alt is a modern marketplace where trading card collectors can buy, sell, and vault their graded trading cards. Alt is changing the way people invest in trading cards by focusing on providing liquidity and transparency to an industry that has traditionally been fragmented and hard to understand.

Founded in 2020, Alt leverages proprietary market data, industry leading lending program, and cutting-edge pricing technology (“Alt Value”) to create advantages for every collector. Alt’s growing marketplace maximizes returns and provides convenience to users. Alt is built for collectors, by collectors; to learn more visit

Alt has two ways to buy and sell trading cards - Fixed Price Marketplace and Liquid Auctions. Alt Liquid Auctions is an always-live 14-day auction that ends every other Thursday and has cards of all categories and price ranges. Sell your football cards, basketball cards, baseball cards, soccer cards, pokémon cards, Formula 1 cards - anything graded by PSA, Beckett, CGC, SGC, or factory sealed.