The Serena Collection | Part Three


April 24, 2024

We sat down with Ryan Hoge, President of PSA, and Chris Jackson, a member of the founding team of Alt, as they explore the Serena Williams Collection and the concept of pedigree collections in the trading card industry.

Pedigree collections are more than just a gathering of cards; they represent a unique designation that sets them apart. As Ryan and Chris explain, each card in the Serena Williams Collection carries a distinct descriptor, making it truly one-of-a-kind and clearly traceable back to the collection of Alexis Ohanian. This designation serves to distinguish these cards from others of the same athlete, adding value and prestige to the collection.

But what exactly makes a collection eligible for this special designation? According to Ryan, it often boils down to the collector behind it or the historical significance of the collection itself. In the case of the Serena Williams Collection, it's a combination of both, with Serena's unparalleled legacy and the discerning eye of the collector, Alexis Ohanian, elevating these cards to a new level of importance.

There are other examples of Pedigree collections, such as the Lionel Carter Collection and the Mike Trout Family Collection. These collections not only showcase the depth of the hobby but also highlight the personal connections and stories behind each card.

PSA's meticulous process involved in authenticating and grading these cards ensures trusted and predictable quality. From autograph verification to card grading, multiple teams collaborate to ensure the accuracy and integrity of each card. It's a testament to the dedication and expertise of the PSA team in maintaining the trust of collectors worldwide.

Ryan and Chris reflect on the evolving landscape of sports trading cards, particularly with the growing interest in women's sports. The emergence of athletes like Serena Williams and Caitlin Clark in the trading card market signifies a shift towards inclusivity and diversity, opening up new opportunities for collectors and fans alike.

A glimpse into the future of the industry, Ryan highlights the potential for technology to enhance the collecting experience further. As the hobby continues to evolve, one thing remains constant: the passion and dedication of collectors and the role of trusted institutions like PSA in preserving the legacy of sports memorabilia for generations to come.

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Stay tuned for the final installment, Part Four.

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