The Serena Collection | Part Two


April 10, 2024

In a recent interview, entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, Alexis, shared his insights on the significance of sports cards in today's culture. While some may question why sports cards are valued as art, Alexis passionately argues that they are more than just collectibles; they are a vital part of our cultural fabric.

Alexis compares sports cards to traditional art, emphasizing that both evoke emotion but in different ways. While art may create emotion, sports cards capture the emotional essence of sports, with its wins, losses, and the pure, unadulterated competition that defines it.

He goes on to explain that sports cards hold a unique place in people's hearts because they evoke nostalgia and fandom. They are not just reminders of childhood but also of the best and worst moments in sports history. Unlike traditional art, which may not have the same emotional resonance for everyone, sports cards tap into a universal language of passion and competition.

Alexis also highlights the evolving mindset of athletes towards their own cards. He mentions LeBron James discussing the value of his rookie card, signaling a shift where athletes see their cards as representations of their legacy and impact on the sport.

Looking ahead, Alexis sees a bright future for sports cards, especially those of iconic athletes like Serena Williams and Tiger Woods. He believes that as these athletes continue to impact the world beyond their sports careers, their cards will only increase in value and cultural significance.

In conclusion, sports cards are more than just pieces of cardboard with images of athletes. They are cultural artifacts that capture the essence of sports and evoke powerful emotions. As collectors and enthusiasts continue to cherish and value these cards, they will remain a cherished part of our cultural heritage for years to come.

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Stay tuned for Part Three, an interview with Ryan Hoge, President of PSA.

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