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January 28, 2022

Selling your cards online can be a risky proposition, which is why it pays to sell them in Alt Liquid Auctions. It’s simple, there’s less risk, and you get a guaranteed cash advance - 72% of the card’s market value - before the auction goes live. Best of all, you’re guaranteed a sale. You don’t have to worry about flaky buyers, or surprise returns. 

Get Instant Liquidity

  • Once your card is accepted for auction, you receive a cash advance of 72% of its market value. 
  • If the card sells for over 72% of its value, you get the difference (minus seller fees). 
  • If it sells for less than 72%, simply keep your advance. 

For example, if you’re selling a card with an Alt Value of $4,000, you can get a cash advance of $2,800 prior to the auction. If the card sells for less than $4,000, you keep the $2,800. If the card sells for over $4,000, in this case, $4,600, you will receive an additional $1,352 - the additional sale price minus $368 (8% of the sale) in fees. 

Take advantage of the industry’s lowest fees

  • 8% seller fees, all-in. 
  • Zero hidden fees. 


Which cards are eligible to submit? 

  • Cards must have a minimum Alt value of $250.
  • Cards must be slabbed and professionally graded by PSA, BGS or SGC.
  • Cards must be vaulted with Alt.
  • Cards must be submitted two weeks prior to the auction. 
  • All sport and culture categories accepted: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, UFC, Golf, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, TCG, and music.

Card submissions will be reviewed by the Alt team and will follow-up with you if all criteria is met. 

If you’re ready, click here to submit cards.

Any questions? Check out our FAQs page.