Introducing Exciting Updates to Extended Bidding

Product Releases

August 7, 2023

We’re excited to share 3 new updates to extended bidding that’ll allow for a faster, fairer, and more accessible bidding process!

Starting on August 7th:

1. All lots will enter extended bidding and close at the same time.  

No more juggling closing times and getting stressed over the ticking clock. You'll have the power to focus solely on bidding and forget about timing.

Picture this: a panoramic view of all the lots you desire, with the freedom to bid on multiple cards simultaneously. The sky's the limit as you go after your dream cards without the FOMO.

2. Fastest Extended Bidding Timer.

We understand that time is money, and in the world of auctions, every second counts. That's why Liquid Auctions is introducing the fastest extended bidding timer in the industry. Buckle up, because you're in for a lightning-fast closing experience! No more staying up all night, no more nail-biting wait. With our cutting-edge timer, you'll get that heart-pounding excitement and instant results you crave.

3. Extended bidding is open to everyone.

Are you ready to chase your grail? You're in luck! We want to give everyone a fair shot at winning their most coveted cards. That's why extended bidding is open to all - no qualifying bid required. This is your golden opportunity to seize the moment and claim that one-of-a-kind card you've had your eyes on!

How it works:

On the night of our Liquid Auction close, all cards will enter extended bidding at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.

Each time a card receives a bid during extended bidding, the extended bidding timer will reset for a fixed amount of time (see below).

The extended bidding timer will shorten as time passes. All times in ET.

When the timer expires (no bids are placed during a closing window), the entire auction is over.

Say goodbye to tracking multiple closing times and say hello to securing the cards you love. Happy bidding!

If you have any additional questions you can find answers on our FAQ page, or reach out to our team.